Boiler Replacement

Boilers are closed vessels that heat water or other fluid using petroleum, natural gas or oil that acts as a heating source. The heat from the boiler then runs through the PEX or copper pipes in your house and is released through the process of convection.

The efficiency of your boiler depends on a number of factors, including fuel type, regularity of service and maintenance, venting system, boiler design, thermostat, boiler controls and owner operation. Boilers can include a variety of components including different types of thermostats, fittings, boiler controls, expansion tanks, air vents, backflow devices, pressure regulators and other aspects that comprise your system.

Some of the reasons you may need your boiler replaced include:

  • The need for improved energy efficiency
  • The condition of the metal the boiler is made from
  • The condition of the brickwork, doors, controls and burners
  • The size of the boiler
  • Rusting components
  • Leaking water or steam
  • Damage from oxygen and chemicals in the boiler’s water

The benefits of replacing your boiler include:

  • Lower fuel bills when your old boiler is replaced with a higher efficiency boiler
  • Lower maintenance cost (the older your boiler is, the higher the maintenance bill is)
  • Peace of mind (assurance that a new boiler will not fail on you when you need it most)
  • Household space saving - newer boilers come in smaller, more convenient sizes freeing up space for new cabinetry or workspace
  • Improved energy rating of your home - EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) are now required with a Home Information Pack

For a quality thorough inspection of your existing boiler or for service, repair or replacement, contact the experts at Pilgrim Plumbing & Heating by calling (781) 424-0700 or use our online service request form to reach out to us.

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