When your home was originally built, the electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing elements were designed to accommodate the square footage of your home and to specifically suit the layout and design elements of your plans.

Now, if you’re planning on building an addition to your home, it’s pertinent to be certain that the extra square footage has the necessary electrical, heating, cooling and plumbing elements to meet the needs of the extra space.

This is where things can get complicated. The first main reason that extra consideration needs to be taken with an addition is that the equipment that runs the plumbing and heating may not be large enough to accommodate the extra space. The second reason is that modern wiring and plumbing used these days is probably a whole lot different than what already exists in your home.

Here are some specifics to consider when adding to your home’s utilities:

Heating - Your heating contractor will need to do specific calculations based on several factors like square footage and cubic living area, as well as window locations, to determine whether or not your current system can handle the additional load that comes with the extra space you’re adding. If the space can’t handle the additional load, you’ll need to either upgrade your current heating system or have a separate heating system installed for the new addition.

Plumbing - The main difference between pipes that were installed years ago and the ones used today is that the pipes from the past were made using a paper and metal wrapping and today’s pipes use a much safer, thick rigid plastic material that is soldered together using glue. The plastic water supply lines are now made from a material called PEX - a flexible hosing that are much simpler to install than copper and can easily be retrofitted into an older home’s existing plumbing lines.

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