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The Worst Things for Your Toilet

The Worst Things for Your Toilet

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Without getting into messy details, we all know that our toilet is there for us when we need them the most. Most of us will spend a good portion of our lives sitting on that toilet, so why not treat that porcelain throne well and avoid having to shell out every so often on repairs.

Many homeowners might not be aware of some practices that can damage their toilets, and we are here to help. Here are just some of the worst things you can be doing to your toilet, get your mind out of the gutter and how you can avoid damaging your plumbing!

Flushable Wipes

Every plumber’s worst nightmare is hearing the phrase “flushable wipes” when we ask clients what they flushed down their toilet. Despite what you hear or see advertised, most flushable wipes are awful for your plumbing and can take a toll on your toilet. The problem with flushable wipes, especially with old plumbing systems, is that the flushable wipes often do not break down as intended.

When these flushable wipes clog toilets, they often form clogs deep in the plumbing, and you will not notice until the clog is notable. So how do you avoid this issue? Do not flush down those flushable wipes! The same goes for just flushing things other than toilet paper down the drain, do not do it and keep your plumbing happy.

Reaching For The Drain Cleaner

A toilet clog is annoying; trust us, after years of unclogging toilets, there are some sights and smells you just do not get used to despite what some may think. When dealing with clogs at home, the worst thing we see people do is reach for a liquid drain cleaner immediately.

The problem with liquid drain cleaner is that most clogs do not need a simple drain snake or even a good plunge to fix the issue. Drain cleaning fluid can corrode your pipes and is the equivalent of taking a sledgehammer to a nail that needs nothing more than a slight tap. A clog that does not go away with plunging or even a drain snake can be the sign of underlying issues with your plumbing, and while drain cleaner might look like it fixed the problem, it can often just be a temporary solution that does not resolve underlying issues.

Ignoring Your Toilet

Did you know your toilet can talk? It’s true! Well, obviously not, we had to check if you were still reading, but toilets can give you signs when it needs repair. The biggest mistake homeowners make is ignoring signs of inconsistent flushing, possible wobbling, or even small leaks early on.

Overlooking these minor issues or just trying to adapt to them only creates the potential for more extensive problems down the line. If you notice a minor issue with your toilet, do not hesitate to call our team because we can avoid that small leak or wobble from turning into a burst pipe or total toilet replacement.

Spending Too Much On Your Toilet

We are always happy to help our clients repair their toilets, but we sometimes notice that homeowners can spend way too much on repairs instead of opting in for a toilet replacement. Regular maintenance is essential for your toilet and a sound investment to avoid large-scale plumbing problems.

However, sometimes toilets get old and extensive repairs are not cost-effective when compared to a replacement. If you notice that your toilet is constantly breaking down and needing repair, it is time to get a new toilet. Not only will upgrading your toilet save you money on repairs, but we can help you find an energy-efficient toilet that will cut down on your water costs.

At Pilgrim Plumbing & Heating we know how frustrating dealing with a broken toilet can be, so when you call our team at (781) 253-2055, we are happy to help. From repairing your toilet to asking about installation, our team is ready to help you with your plumbing needs!