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Solving Plumbing Sounds and Smells

Solving Plumbing Sounds and Smells

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The Nagging Calls of Pipes

Pipes in your home have a funny way of getting your attention. Although pipes are not alive, they sure can feel quite lively and make their presence known. Whether it's the sound of rattling pipes keeping you up at night, or a lingering stinky odor that clears a room, your pipes are trying to get your attention.

Like a siren's song, the different sounds and smells your pipes radiate are trying to lure you to an underlying problem.

Common Sounds Pipes Make

While some sounds may be louder than others, you definitely will notice when your pipes are trying to get your attention, as these sounds can be persistent until the underlying issue is addressed.

Rattling Pipes

If you frequently hear your pipes rattle, there may be an issue with how your pipes were mounted. When water travels through pipes, it will cause the structure to vibrate, and mounting straps help keep this vibration to a minimum by tightly fastening pipes onto a surface. Over time mounting straps can become loose, thus causing the pipe to move around more, knocking against surfaces and leading to a persistent rattling sound. Usually, to stop the rattling, we simply need to locate the pipe in your plumbing making the noise and find the straps to tighten.

Water Hammers

While it is possible not to notice some minor rattling, you definitely will hear water hammers. As the name suggests, water hammers can be quite an aggressive sound. Water hammers form when there is pressure from rushing water hitting a closed valve or quickly changing direction.

Water hammers are usually a sign of possible valve issues that do not allow proper venting and pressure regulation in your pipes. Not only are water hammers annoying to listen to if left unchecked, but water hammers can also damage your pipes severely.

Gurgling Drains

When you run the sink in your kitchen or flush your toilet, you may have noticed in the past that it can make a gurgling sound as water goes down the drain. The gurgling sound is caused by air traveling through the liquid being poured down the drain. Sometimes gurgling sounds can be the cause of a possible clog forming in your pipes, leading to improper ventilation in your plumbing system. There is also the possibility of your plumbing having some issues with its vents, causing a persistent gurgling sound when liquid enters a drain.

Toilet Running Long After It Was Flushed

If you can hear the sound of water running through your toilet long after you flushed, there are a few reasons behind the sound. You may be dealing with a simple issue with the flapper that is not allowing the proper valves to shut off. Do keep in mind that there could be other causes for this sound, such as refill tubes needing replacement or even underlying issues in your plumbing. The older your toilet, the more problems you will run into, so remember to know when to replace your toilet.

The Noxious Odors Coming From Your Pipes

Sometimes your plumbing system will get your attention via smell, and it is far more difficult to ignore some odors your pipes can leak.

Sewer Gas Odor

Sewer gas odor can stink up your bathroom with a smell close to a mixture of rotten eggs and waste. These odors can be caused by a dry or clogged drain trap causing sewer gas to vent into your home. While pouring about half a gallon of water down a drain trap can alleviate the issue, sometimes the problem may be more complex.

If your drain trap is not the root of the odor, there could be an issue with your toilet's wax ring or even a broken septic line. If you notice the sewage smell in other areas of your home, like near the kitchen sink or washing machines, there could be a clogged drain. Sewer gas smells unpleasant and prolonged exposure to sewer gas can be harmful to your health.

Water Smells Like Sulfur

If you notice that your water has a sulfur smell or a generally unpleasant smell when running hot water, you may have an issue with your filtration system. There could be issues with your water heater or even possibly some underlying problem with your plumbing. Although this issue is not always dangerous, the sulfur smell can be unpleasant, so it is best to contact a professional as soon as possible.

Putting An End To These Unpleasant Sounds and Smells

Thankfully a lot of these issues are easily solved by having one of our Pilgrim Plumbing & Heating expert plumbers inspecting your plumbing to identify the root cause of these sounds and smells. Plumbing can be tricky, so while some of these issues can have a few DIY fixes, often, it's better to contact a professional to make sure there are no significant underlying issues with your plumbing.

The last thing you want to do is slap a band-aid on a broken plumbing system. At Pilgrim Plumbing & Heating we know how unpleasant loud pipes and smelly drains can be, so call us at (781) 253-2055 to schedule an appointment with our expert team to make these nagging pipes a lot less noticeable.