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Why Hard Water is a Problem and How You Can Fix It

Hard water deposits on Showerhead

What is Hard Water?

Before we can tackle the problem of hard water, we need to identify what it is in the most simple terms. Water is classified as hard water when it has a high mineral content. Typically, the most common minerals present in hard water are calcium and magnesium. While these minerals do not present a health risk, they can cause problems in your home. We know hard water is present across the entire country to varying degrees. We’ll explain some of the problems that hard water can cause further along in this blog.

How Do I Know If I Have Hard Water?

Once you know what to look for it's easy to see whether you have hard water. The simplest way is to look for a chalky color. When you pour the water into a glass, you might notice small particles before it settles. You can also start to look for some of the symptoms of hard water.

Is This Something I Should Be Worried About?

While hard water is not dangerous to drink, that is only one way you use water in your home! Hard water is a pain because of the way it impacts your skin and clothing. Those downsides are more than enough reason to get some hard water.

Dry Skin

Hard water causes dry skin. If you have an issue with dry skin, it may be caused primarily by bathing with hard water. All of those mineral deposits impact your skin and strip it of natural moisture. Additionally, soap will not lather as well when used with hard water.


When doing laundry with hard water, it can damage your clothing. Studies have shown that clothing washed with hard water will lose its color and become less comfortable. You can expect your clothes to be crinkly and not as soft as it would be if washed with filtered water.

Plumbing Problems

All of the minerals in hard water can deposit inside your pipes. This can shrink the usable space in your pipes and cause clogs. Additionally, there may be issues with water pressure. You can only avoid these deposits by installing a water filter or through frequent drain cleaning maintenance.

What Can We Do About It?

Luckily, hard water is a problem that can be fixed. Water softeners are a type of water filter specifically designed to capture all of those minerals. You can install a system under your sink if you want. This is ideal if your biggest concern with hard water is how it impacts taste. Additionally, hard water can leave unsightly chalky stains. An under-sink unit can get rid of this issue, too!

Alternatively, you can get a whole-home unit. This will fix your issues with your laundry and with dry skin since it will filter all of the water in your home. If your hard water is especially problematic, this is definitely the system for you!

Unfortunately, hard water is an issue that only seems to be getting worse in the country. Many of the country’s water sources are filled with calcium and magnesium due to the geological history of North America. Much of the continent was once covered by ancient seabeds. This is why limestone has persisted in U.S. water sources.

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