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100% Green & Super Simple Drain Cleaner

Plunging the sinkEveryone has drains and everyone needs to keep them clean! Not cleaning your drains can lead to a whole mess of problems like overflow, clogging, leaking, water damage, and more! If you aren’t cleaning your drains regularly, you need to start now! However, don’t invest in harsh chemicals like drain cleaners you buy from the store, make your own.

We have easy suggestions that are 100% green drain cleaning solutions for you to use in your home. If you’ve got a clogged drain or are looking for an easy way to keep your drains clean, this is the best solution!

The Cause

If you’ve got a clog, or you’re wondering why a drain isn’t properly working, see if you can identify the cause. If you can reach the clog with a straw or plastic fork, use that. If not, try looking into a longer implement like a drain snake or wire hanger. The point of this step is to identify the type of clog we’re dealing with, as fat-based clogs are treated differently than a normal obstruction.

So, using your tool of choice, poke the clog. If it comes up oily, it’s fat-based. If it feels solid and won’t budge, it’s a normal drain obstruction.

Fat-based clogs

Grease, oil, and fat will clog up your drain. That’s why you need to make sure you dispose of as much as possible in another receptacle like a trash can or bag. If you avoid pouring large amounts of grease, oil, or fat down the drain, you’ll have less problems with clogs like these, since water and oil don’t mix.

If the clog is fat-based, begin by boiling a large pot of water. The heat in the water will help melt the clog so that it can be cleared. After the water begins boiling, let it cool for a few minutes, two to three should work. Begin pouring the water down the drain, but be careful not to burn yourself! Pour little by little until the pot is empty. If the clog still remains, repeat the process. It might take a few tries to clear everything out. If the clog is particularly stubborn, try filling the sink with the hot water and let it sit for a few hours. The pressure and heat of the water should clear the stoppage, given enough time.

If the sink still isn’t draining properly after all of that, it’s possible that you have another drain obstruction or the water isn’t cutting through the fat-based clog like it should, in which case you should check for drain other obstructions per our instructions in the next step.

Drain obstruction

Thankfully large drain obstructions aren’t very common, unlike hair clogs, and will typically only occur if an object is forced down the drain. This can be small objects, but since your drains have bends they often get caught. Try using a wire hanger to hook the object and pull it out, if it’s within reach. For hair clogs you should be able to pull most of it out, if not all of it. If the drain obstruction is too far away to reach, don’t panic. Try the hot water method from earlier, but if there’s an object stuck in the pipe it’s best to call a plumber.

Don’t attempt to take apart your pipes as you might cause more damage than intended and create more of a mess!

Drain cleaners

There are a number of eco friendly drain cleaners, but the typical harsh chemicals you would find at local supermarkets are not a good idea. These will damage the pipes and might do more harm down the road. If you’re looking for some tools, we recommend having a plunger and drain snake, as both can be helpful for removing clogs!

If you’ve got a stubborn clog, make sure to contact Pilgrim Plumbing and always leave the task to the professionals!

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