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Kitchen and Bath Remodels—That’s Money Well Spent!

Person working on kitchen cabinetsMany homeowners balk at the cost to remodel their kitchen or bathroom. It works just fine now, so why should they change it? What value could they get out of a new kitchen or bathroom that would outweigh the financial cost to obtain it? The answer is simple: quality of life and pleasure.

Any remodel, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, or downstairs flooring, is about improving and developing your home. It’s about taking what already exists and creating a new style and atmosphere that you, the homeowner, will enjoy. When you take that step to transform your space you are taking a step to improve your daily quality of life and your enjoyment of that space in your life.

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits to a kitchen and/or bath remodel. If you are having issues with plumbing, appliances, countertops, flooring, cabinets, or any number of materials within the room this is a great way to upgrade and replace them. If you aren’t satisfied with the finishes, colors, or look of a room you will be far happier after you have completed the remodel.

A remodel turns your existing space into one that you love, built the way you want. Many homeowners must settle for a specific design and color scheme when they purchase their house, as they can’t afford to make changes upon purchase. However, investing in a remodel let’s you choose how you want your house to look and feel according to your desires, thereby making it more appealing to you.

Additionally a kitchen and bath remodel will often increase the resale value of your home and grow your equity, so it is often a wise investment. Down the road the cost of that remodel could net you a profit if you ever sell.

Other Considerations

While a new remodel is a wonderful investment, there are a few other things to consider. The financial cost can be an issue for some homeowners, but the long term benefits outweigh the short term cost. The real issue is displacement.

A kitchen or bathroom remodel will often force you out of that space for an extended time period, so plan accordingly. This displacement is easy to account for, but tough to work around. If you are used to regularly cooking, a kitchen remodel could prove difficult. Maybe sparking up the grill and using paper plates could work. A bathroom remodel might have to be dealt with a little differently.

There are also unforeseen costs. This isn’t necessarily a con, but for many people the cost of a remodel can increase if there are structural issues found within the space after removing flooring, cabinets, etc. In reality it’s a good thing because it means you can address those issues, but that extra cost is often a major consideration for many people who invest in a remodel.

The Results

Ultimately the final decision is up to the homeowner. If you or a friend are considering a remodel, we highly recommend you get a quote from a trusted name like Pilgrim Plumbing. You need the best information you can get before you proceed with an investment like this.

You will not only enjoy the final product but you will be investing in your home for the future. If you are considering a kitchen or bath remodel, contact us today. We would be happy to work alongside you to create your dream kitchen and bathroom.

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