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The Most Common Boston Area Plumbing Problems

Frozen pipesYou should be able to trust the plumbing in your Boston home to provide you with ample water you need for routine tasks and uninterrupted comfort. Constant use and sometimes accidental misuse, though, can lead to various plumbing issues over time, especially if your Boston home is an older building. Older buildings are usually more susceptible to pipe and fixture issues, but even newly constructed homes face problems with overuse, water hardness and drain issues that interrupt daily life.

Water Pressure

One of the most common plumbing issues in Boston homes is poor water pressure. Water pressure is determined by the amount of force that exists to push water through your pipes and when the water is not easily flowing, water pressure is significantly reduced, causing you to suffer and resulting in substandard performance of appliances and fixtures.

In older Boston homes, poor water pressure may be caused by a buildup of minerals within the pipes – reducing the available space within the pipe and causing corrosion that leads to leaking and water loss between the water main and the tap. This issue can sometimes be solved by having a plumber clean out the pipes with pressurized water or patching, repairing or replacing the damaged pipe. Other solutions include re-piping or whole home hard water treatment to combat the issue most effectively.

Frozen Pipes

With the frigid winters in Boston causing temperatures to fall well below freezing for extended periods of time, plumbing pipes are always susceptible to freezing, especially if they are not constantly being used. Most commonly, frozen pipes in Boston homes occur overnight or while families are away. If you suspect one of your home’s pipes have frozen, turn off the water supply from the main and contact Pilgrim Plumbing & Heating for assistance. If the pipe has not burst yet, your plumber can heat up a pipe that is frozen and locate any cracks that have occurred in order to repair them.

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